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4) Do You Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain?

Humans are sentient beings, and of course, our brains are the cause. Do we only use 10 percent of our brain though? Let’s carry on.

In the 1900’s, a psychologist named William James stated, “The average person rarely achieves but a small portion of his or her potential.” Over the years, this quote has been turned into only using 10% of your brain. Even Albert Einstein has exclaimed something that could support this myth.

Some people believe that if we used the other 90 percent of our brain, we would have the power to move objects, just with our mind. Maybe you could even read other minds, maybe we could speak telepathically. Interesting enough, 47 percent of teachers actually believe in the myth.

Scientists say that this myth is false. We have to perform many acts in our life such as, reading, communication, breathing, locomotion, problem solving, creation, thinking, etc. Could you propose all that with only 10 percent of your brain? You wouldn’t be able to hold much memory either.


This myth is false. We all use 100 percent of our brain. If we only used 10 percent of our brain, it would be 90 percent smaller. Your whole brain is always active. Each part of the brain has a purpose. There is no actual evidence that you use 10 percent of your brain. If the 10 percent brain myth was real, then people with brain damage would have no consequence.  Also, why would we have such large brains if you only use a small fraction of it?

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3) The Kraken

Is it an island? Or is it the Kraken? Let’s read on.

There could always be more than one Kraken in the ocean, but people prefer to call the myth, “The Kraken.” At first The Kraken had an appearance of a crab like monster, but now it’s a giant squid that lives between the coast of Norway and Greenland. It is even said to be one and a half miles wide and is often mistaken as an island. As a matter of fact, it’s the largest sea creature known to man.


The Kraken wraps it’s tentacles around a passing ship, and then pulls it under, drowning or eating everyone on it. In fact  it is predicted that these tentacles have the power to crush 80 elephants! These tales started around the twelfth century, but was named in the year 1555 by a Swedish archbishop.


The Kraken has become so popular that there’s a couple movies with this unusual cephalopod having an appearance. These movies include Clash of the Titans and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The Kraken also appears in many video games and even has a ride in Sea World Orlando in the United States. There’s even a drink called, “The Kraken Black Spiced Rum.” Also, krake means “octopus” in German. Coincidence?

Apparently, researcher Mark McMenamin discovered a fossil site that had bones arranged to look like the Kraken. These bones happened to be ichthyosaur bones, fish that were known to live 245 million years ago.


These bones seemed too artificially placed to be a natural placement, and the fact that 9 ichthyosaur skeletons laid in one spot was strange as well. People thought that this could only be the Kraken.

Some scientists believe that the Kraken does exist, but are they right? Many people disagree on the Kraken’s existence and think that the sightings are really just ordinary giant squids. Other people believe in this creature because of pictures like shown below.


No one knows for sure if the Kraken exists, so for now, it remains a legend.

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2) The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, a zone that lies in the Atlantic Ocean. If you enter though, you don’t come out. Why do you not return? How are planes affected? Is it true? Let’s find out.


The Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle, is a triangular zone with one corner ending at Bermuda, another ending at Miami and the last ending at San Juan Puerto Rico. The triangle was first discovered in 1945 when five pilots on a training session, known as Flight 19,  mysteriously vanished within that area. The myth got more popular when more disappearances began to occur. In 1964, The Bermuda Triangle name was given.

The Bermuda Triangle has actually experienced real ship wrecks. There has been a total of approximately 1,000 lives that have been lost with over 100 ships and planes gone missing. The fact that The Bermuda Triangle claims the deepest trenches in the world doesn’t help with the number of possible deaths. An example of one of these occurrences would be when DC-3 Flight NC-16002 asked Miami for landing instructions while flying over The Bermuda Triangle. Once Miami replied there was no answer. The plane went missing after that. Another example would be when Flight 19 was in The Bermuda Triangle. The leader of the fleet happened to say, “We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don’t know where we are, the water is green, no white.” They were never heard of after that.

All this seems crazy, but there has to be a logical explanation to all the disappearances in The Bermuda Triangle. Some people believe that Aliens abducted the vessels or that the triangle is an entrance to other planets. The more logical reasons could be water sprouts or brutal freak waves. Also, the current of the water that sits in the zone of this triangle happens to be very fast and strong. This can easily allow any sailors to go off course or destroy any signs of disaster.



Another theory would be the methane gas. All the deaths of sea life have produced methane, which will sometimes erupt to the surface. The water that the gas impacts becomes less dense. Ships that lie on the water then sink. The methane escalates so high that planes can catch fire.

Hurricanes can be a likely cause as well, because it’s in a hurricane zone. Some people also think that pirates or other raiders might be a reason.



The Bermuda Triangle is one of those mysteries, no one knows for sure if it’s real or not. Many planes and ships have been destroyed or mysteriously vanished in that exact area. Is it a coincidence, or is it really cursed? So far, we have no idea, but maybe sometime in the future, we’ll discover the secret of this devastating triangle.

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1) Slender Man



Thats right, it’s our tall, slim faceless friend, Slender Man.

Slender Man was first invented for the Something Aweful contest on June 8th 2009. In this contest, you had to alter an ordinary picture and turn it into a disturbing photograph. He’s a skinny man that’s noramlly 8ft tall but can stretch his limbs to become even taller. Slender Man also has no facial features which makes his face appear to have a cloth wrapped around it. He wears a business suit everywhere with either a red tie or a black tie. No one knows for sure what the different ties represent.

Slender Man is known to abduct children by hypnotizing them with his abnormally long limbs, having the kids wandering towards him. People don’t know for sure what he does with them but some assume that he brings them to an alternate dimension. It looks to be that Slender Man isn’t shy in appearing in pictures as some people have reported seeing him in their pictures. If he shows up in a photo with a child though, they appear to go missing a short time later.

Slender Man has tenticles as well which he uses to grab his prey, to walk around or to assist him in climbing. His tenticles can grow up to 8-9ft long.

People believe that the more you know about Slender Man, or the more frightened you are of him, the chances of him stalking you become more likely. He also enjoys occasionally showing himself, to give people an even bigger scare.

People have already reported sightings of Slender Man. Some exclaim that at night they’ve seen him looking through windows, or in a forest where he often stays.

Slender Man causes a sickness too, such as insomnia, nausea, bleeding noses or uncontrollable coughing. On sight, Slender Man causes different effects like, extreme coughing, vomiting or exhaustion. This is known as, “The Slendersickness.”

Slender Man also has a symbol. It’s called The Operator Symbol, which is an O with an X through it. The symbol was first created by Marbel Hornets, who make Slender Man documentaries. The real reason on how The Operator Symbol involves Slender Man is unknown, but some ideas have occured. Some say that it’s Slender Man’s warning that he’s around, or the symbol keeps Slender Man away from the person for awhile.


As freaky as this stalker may be, luckily, he ceases to exist. We’re all safe… I think.

Thanks for reading my post, I hoped you learned something from this. Other than that, have a great day!


There are thousands of urban myths and legends that exist in the world. It is hard to know about them all. That’s why I’m here.

Hello, welcome to my new blog. My plan is to give you all the facts about various myths and legends and discuss where they came from, how they started, and whether they’re true or not. Not only that, but I’ll be giving other interesting facts about the myths and legends. Each seperate post will be a different one.

Were going to be talking about myths and legends such as, “Bloody Mary”, “Alligators Living in the Sewers of New York”, “The Vanishing Hitchhiker” and many more.

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