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11) Lethal Tempest Mythology

imagesWe all know what not to do during a storm. Such as, don’t go outside with an umbrella or if you lack a surge protector, keep the T.V and computer off. Or, if there’s a tempest, STAY INDOORS!! However, are there additional acts that you shouldn’t perform? Let’s embark on a journey to the center of the Earth. (Not really. Did I eradicate your excitement?)

It’s Dangerous to Take a Shower During a Thunder Storm: You’re standing there, taking a shower in harmony. Little do you know, there’s a thunder storm outside. One minute you’re breathing, the next, you’re not. Does this myth have any truth to it? I don’t know, so let’s all find out!

Is it dangerous to take a shower during a thunderstorm? The myth states that a lighting strike could impact a focal water pipe, giving an electrical current through your shower. As we all know, electricity and water are quite fatal together. The National Weather Service supports this myth, interfering with a number of individual’s beliefs.

This myth is factual! It can be fatal to take a shower during a storm, so it would be a good idea not to do that.

Massive Earthquakes Only Arise in the Morning:

images (1)

It’s Hazardous to Make Contact with Someone who’s Been Electrified: Nope, it’s absolutely harmless. The electrified victim wouldn’t maintain the electricity, so it’s completely safe!

Lighting Never Strikes the Same Place Twice: This myth is fiction. In fact, if something has been struck by lightning, it would most likely get impacted again, various times.



A Tornado will Cease to Occur During Winter: It’s winter; you think you’re safe, but you aren’t.  Most cyclones form in a warm scorching climate, but a cold atmosphere isn’t a twister’s adversary. Alas, funnels can in fact, form in brisk weather.

This tornado can present more devastation than........

This tornado can present more devastation than……..

Larger Tornadoes are More Lethal than Diminutive Tornadoes: Are they? Most people would probably say “yes,” considering the size.

THIS!!!! (I'm serious)

THIS!!!! (I’m serious)

However, they both can do an equal amount of adverse damage. It doesn’t depend on the dimension of the tornado, what matters, is the heart. (By that I mean the tornado’s heart silly. The destruction from the tornado is based on the swiftness of it’s wind, not it’s size).

Driving Away is a More Convenient Solution than Taking Shelter During a Tornado: A car drives in the open, making it susceptible, and the roads could be enclosed with trees, telephone polls, collapsed power lines or debris. The roads could be flooded too.

Driving away could be lethal. If you’re currently on the road, yeah, flee, but if not, stay indoors.

So there you go, myths and stuff about storms. Tempests are fatal, so you have to be cautious, and this is why. I hope you enjoyed this post, until then, see ya!


10) Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

What did the grape say after the elephant sat on it?

Nothing, it just let out a little whine.

HAHAHA!! Okay, perhaps you didn’t laugh, if you did however, did that act make you healthier? Is laughter actually the best medicine? If it is, why? Well, let’s find out.

Individuals claim that laughter is the best medicine. Some will presume that this quote is true. Well, let’s look into this. Laughter, represents happiness. Folks with a good

monkey-25520_640sense of humor are usually the ones that people wish to be with. So laughter is an excellent source for happiness, but does it allow you to be healthier? Let’s peer deeper.

Why is there no gambling in Africa? Too many Cheetahs. Did you laugh there? Laughing does interfere with your health. It advances your immune system, abolishes stress, and even assists to eradicate pain. Laughter also diminishes your blood sugar levels and gets your blood traveling, which would add security to your heart, preventing unfaithful events such as dying. It helps prevent heart attacks too. Laughing also puts your stomach and face mussels into action, which leads to the conclusion, laughter is simple exercise.

imagesCAWBCKA8Why don’t pirates play cards? Because they’re standing on the deck. Laughter always turns you into a good, considerate mood, or it keeps you in a good mood. If you look upon a dejected person, tell them a joke, or something amusing.

There’s two fish in a tank. One turns to the other and says.

“You man the guns, I drive.”

Everyone seeks laughter. It’s great, fun, glorious, rejoicing! It aids your body, and retains or places you in a content mood, but is it actually a medicine? Well, laughter is good for you. Like I explained earlier, it’s great exercise, but laughing also makes you breath faster furnishing your brain with additional oxygen, which is a another pro in laughing.

This quote isn’t fiction. It’s fact! Laughter is the best medicine. So get up, and get laughing! Make it your new mission; search for laughing sources! I hope I got you laughing with some of my jokes! Aren’t they hilarious?!

Thanks for reading my post.

[Fact: Individuals that are dying from some unfortunate disease, watch comedy movies. They may still die eventually, but it’ll extend their life expectancy.]

[Fun Time: FUNNY STUFF!!]

– Q: What is red and smells like blue paint?

A: Red paint. [Anti joke]


– Why was six afraid of seven?

Its wasn’t. Numbers are not sentient and thus incable of fear. [Another anti joke]


– What washes up on tiny beaches? MICROWAVES!!


– Chuck Norris doesn’t call the wrong number, you answer the wrong phone.


– Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the chin. It’s descendants are known today as giraffes.


– Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Orange, you glad I didn’t say banana?


Here’s a funny clip from the hilarious show, “Friends.” It’s a man (Matt Leblanc; A.k.a. Joey) attempting to learn French.

9) Is there a Disadvantage to Being Left Handed?

You see how I placed it on the left side?

You see how I placed it on the left side?

Individuals state that left handed people have disadvantages. They quote unfortunate facts such as “Right handed people live longer than left handed people”, or that they’re supremely clumsy. Are any of the left handed disadvantages that the world has come up with true? Or are they false? Let’s answer this outrageous question.

Do Right Handed People Live Longer than Left Handed People?

Interesting question. Researchers believe that right handed people live longer than left handed people. Is this statement just a legend? Or is it fact?

Apparently, when human error accidents are reported, more lefties are discovered dead than righties are. A variety of cultures believe deaththat nature covets to rid them from the face of the Earth due to the fact that they’re “different.” Another theory would be the reality of people driving on the right side of the road. If something alarms the driver, and they need to drive out of the way, right handed people would most likely drive to the right, into the curb, on reflex. Left handed reflexes would be to turn left, into traffic. Also, everything existent in the world is basically constructed for right handed people, such as desks and scissors. Even paper is designed specifically for right handed people. When lefties write, their hand smears the print, forcing your work to appear messy visually. (This is very infuriating. Trust me, I’m left handed.)

This myth is true, unfortunately, due to accidental incidents and disease. Lefties have shorter lives, not based on a curse or some unanswerable question. To support this myth (which I don’t want to do), righties happen to live up to 75 years on average. Lefties live up to 66 years in age on average. It’s all based on what sex you are too. The New York Times stated that right handed females get to live 5 years extra than left handed females. For males, the righties get to live 10 years longer than the lefties. (Shoot!)

Are Left Handed People Permanently Clumsy?

36c1ec992200738444c278a426cbe302People consider left handed people (also known as southpaws) to be constantly clumsy. This assumption is false. A number of folks assume that the quotation “Having two left feet” indicates that left handed people are clumsy. This sentence was often used when someone attempted to say that they’re an awkward dancer. This does not at all relate to lefties being clumsy.

The Right Hand Symbolizes “Male” as the Left Hand is “Female”

This reference is false. 90 percent of all humans are right handed, with an approximate equal balance of females and males. The other 10 percent also has an equivalent outcome with some being female and some being male.

Left Handed People Get Scared Easily.

Why did I start this post? Some physiologists believe this is a fact, and not a myth. Lefties do get scared easily. They often bear a miniature symptom of PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). PTSD is when something traumatic

Let's just say that this apple is left handed... I'm not trying to be stereotypical.

Let’s just say that this apple is left handed… I’m not trying to be stereotypical.

occurs and you’re mentally and emotionally scarred. The people that suffer from PTSD are unfortunate people who’ve witnessed a murder, have been held hostage or retired Veterans, etc. I was shocked to read that mostly left handed people have a subtle version of this. Actually, right handed people have this too, but it’s doubled in lefties.

Another reason explaining why left handed humans get scared easily is that from being left handed, they’re more connected to the right side of the brain (yes, they’re connected to the right side of the brain, not the left. This explains the reasoning as to why left handed people are more creative than right handed people are. No offence righties. The right section of the mind produces art and creativity). The right side of the brain is also where the scared section lays.

(Left handed people who’ve observed eight minutes of the horror film “The Silence of The Lambs” were far more petrified than righties.)

Left Handed People are Pure Evil

No! Left handed people are not evil, or created by any evil force in any way. Many years ago, people thought that left handed people were evil. When children were at school in those days, they were not given permission to be left handed. If they were caught printing with their left hand, the educator would strike them with a ruler, or have them sit on their hand. This superstition is luckily F A L S E!! No need to worry. If you see a left handed person, they’re not evil.

These are a few myths and facts about being left handed. If you’re left handed, like me, then you live a shorter life than righties and get scared easier. You’re not clumsy or manufactured by evilness. Abolish those superstitions. We just live in a world, where science adds it’s disadvantages to being left handed.

There’s not just an unfortunate side to being left handed. There are advantages as well;

– Left handed people have a greater chance at intelligence. (I’m 100 percent positive. There’s no scientific explanation, but a lot of lefties have a very high level intelligence.)

– You’re unique.

– You type faster. (Approximately 3400 words are typed with the left hand and 450 are typed with the right hand.)

– You’re creative. (I explained this earlier in the post)

[Fun Time – Famous People who were Left Handed:]

– Napoleon Bonapart

– Barrack Obama

– Alexander the Great

– Bill Gates

– Aristotle

– Leonardo da Vinci

– Oprah Winfrey

– Babe Ruth

– Albert Einstein

– Tom Cruise

8) Mothman

Mothman, a source of disaster, half man, half moth, which lurks in West Virginia. Can such a thing exist? If it does, what is it genuinely? An alien? Just a hoax? Let’s keep reading.mothman

Mothman is a dark, humanoid, seven foot tall, moth type creature. It has no head, having it’s circular, red eyes, implanted on it’s chest. If Mothman enters a person’s gaze, the first thing they notice, is just the scorching, red eyes. He has giant moth related wings which are ten feet wide. Some people say that he flies without the use of these wings. Sightings of this moth-like creature usually occur before or after a disaster. People suspect that Mothman was the reason behind these unusual incidents.

There has been approximately 100 people that have witnessed Mothman. He doesn’t just appear mothman7zf_jpg_banat a disaster however. He chases cars with an incredible speed and sometimes even assaults them. He has been discovered staring through house windows, and then flaps away. Mothman is also fond of sleeping in people’s backyards. From what witnesses are stating, Mothman seems to enjoy terrorizing innocent people with a passion.

Mothman’s eyes are located on his chest, so how can he tell where he’s going while soaring in the air? His eyes will always be peering at the ground. This answer is unknown.

On November 15, 1966, the first sighting of Mothman took place in West Virginia. At Point Pleasant, a small peaceful town, a terrified couple saw this unique and unspeakable being. It hit the media along with a newspaper article titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird… Creature… Something.”


The collapse of the Silver Bridge took place on December 15, 1967. This picture could be false because the date at the bottom confirms it was taken on November 13, 2003.

One of the most popular occurrences of Mothman would be the Silver Bridge tragedy. When this bridge disaster became a reality, it was the largest bridge collapse in the United States of America, up to that time period. Apparently, Mothman was seen, attached to the bridge just before it crumbled. Furthermore, it was seen underneath the Silver Bridge as it was falling. Was Mothman responsible for the damage and the 46 deaths? The Silver Bridge was around 40 years in age, and investigators concluded that it was a critical steel pin that gave way. The bridge also faced a heavy load of cars constantly, and the bridge was unprepared for such weight.



So, what is Mothman? A variety of people believe that citizens are seeing Thunderbirds, which are other mythological organisms, often part of western Indian folklore. If these enormous birds are just legends, then perhaps these residents are envisioning something else.

Other people consider that Mothman is a mutant bird. He has been spotted a lot in the T.N.T area, in South Virginia. This region is severely polluted and contaminated. Ammunition and waste material now has currently overtaken the lake. People believe that all this filth has, in fact, mutated this legendary abomination into what has been recently observed.

A few individuals declare that Mothman is an alien. There’s always a chance of it being a hoax as well. Perhaps someone dressed to appear like this moth figure, and connected themselves to a solo-glider, which creates no mechanical sounds. The glider would most likely produce squeaky noises nevertheless, which could be related to the shrieking sounds from the “thing” heard by petrified spectators. (I’m talking about you…!!!!)

Some people think that the city’s cursed by a shaman chief, who performed this cursed bird act over 200 years ago. Other people stated that we’re just seeing over sized birds, or massive owls. None of which, are seven feet tall.

Mothman has gotten quite famous. There’s even a news report with reference to Mothman, which you can watch right here. As well, there’s a full feature film called “The Mothman Prophecies” staring Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Debra Messing.

(This is an NBC news cast, shot around 2009)


A picture of Mothman, drawn by an eyewitness.

Is Mothman real?! Does he exist? Well, think about the history of New York in 1880.  They observed a flying man upon the city, whom they named “The Houston Batman”. Also, currently, Pennsylvania has been experiencing numerous Thunderbird sightings. These could either confirm to us that Thunderbirds exist, or in reality, it’s Mothman.

There’s side effects from encountering Mothman. Eyewitnesses have suffered burns within their flesh. Their eyes become swollen and inflamed. These unfortunate side effects never seem to heal or go away.

People believe that Mothman was the reasoning behind 9-1-1

People believe that Mothman was the reasoning behind 9-1-1

Mothman lives in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but is he traveling? Suspicious looking, large birds have been spotted around the globe, and shortly afterwards, giant natural disasters happen unsuspectingly.

There’s a fairly large number of disasters that have happened, right after Mothman was seen. There’s too many natural disasters for it to be coincidental, so if Mothman does exist, we’ve got a big quandary on our hands. But wait!! Maybe Mothman can actually sense when a disaster is about to happen. Could he be attempting to save lives by somehow lessening the death toll to the disaster? Or is he here to cause death and destruction?


Clearly, there’s a number of WordPress blogs in the world. Here are a couple of the best!



7) Leprechaun

ae5f8c649a13084f0fc10b7542dc1f22What are Leprechauns? Small Irish people partnered with a pot of gold? Is there more to their tale though? Why are they St. Patrick’s Day’s mascot? What’s their behavior? What do they do? Let’s go.

Leprechauns are red haired male figures which are less than 24 inches long. They are Irish elves which explains the reasoning on why they have pointed ears. They wear a green hat along with green clothing. Their shoes lack in green color however, as they are black and created with leather. Their red sideburns are thick and bushy and they sometimes have a curly beard on their chin. Their cheeks and nose happen to be rosy most of the time. Unfortunately, there are no female leprechauns. 😦

Leprechauns eat some nuts, different types of wild flowers and mushrooms. Leprechauns enjoy drinking fancy beverages, made by themselves, and occasionally drink dandelion tea.

From what these tiny legendary people eat, it’s no doubt that they live in a forest inside Ireland. Inside the forest, some people believe that they stay inside an invisible village. Throughout the year, the town becomes visible. If that’s not the case, then they live in small caves, hollow trees or underneath large bushes.

Leprechauns are difficult to catch. Although, if you do end up catching one you can discover where their pots of gold lay, just by asking them. They have to speak the truth, based on it’s law. If you ever take your gaze off the leprechaun though, he will disappear, out of thin air. The leprechaun can perfectly mimic sounds of wild animals and family members however. This can make the holder turn to observe what’s happening, then *poof*, the leprechaun is gone.

How do you get hold of a leprechaun? Putting a leprechaun in captivity is a challenging task. Since the Leprechauns are dressed in green, they can be tricky to find. Although, there’s numerous strategies that you can attempt. One of which will be using their love of gold and four leafed clovers against them. You can lure them by leaving a trail of false gold coins or four leafed clovers. You can also construct a leprechaun trap with any material that can hold it. I.e: Empty container, Butterfly net, etc. You will also need to require bait, to attract the leprechaun. Once again, coins or four leafed clovers will be the best. If you have your trap well camouflaged and outside, then you’re set.

Leprechauns are a peaceful race which perform no harm to anyone. They do play tricks on people though. Even though they’re harmless, many movies state that their not. Take the movie “Leprechaun” (Jennifer Aniston’s first movie) for example. The film is based on a leprechaun that’s on a search for his pot of gold. As four people have found the gold, the leprechaun attempts to kill them for his gold back, and killing other people as well. Leprechauns do not do this.leprechaun

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick

For a living, leprechauns are shoe makers.

So, how do leprechauns relate to St. Patrick’s Day? Saint Patrick was a British Christian man, captured by the Irish in 403 A.D. Once he escaped, he retreated to Britain, trained to be a missionary, and returned to Ireland to convert the citizens there to Christianity. Leprechauns are small, green dressed men. In 1959, a Walt Disney film was published, named Darby O’Gill & the Little People. In this film, was a little jolly leprechaun. After this movie, that leprechaun became the symbol for St. Patrick’s Day.

There we go. Leprechauns aren’t bad people. They’re tricksters, they’re greedy, but not bad. Are they real though? You decide. I say they’re not real, but you believe what you want.

Thanks for reading my post.

6) Crop Circles

Found in Wiltshire at Avebury Trusloe

Found in Wiltshire at Avebury Trusloe

Crop circles, what? People have claimed that they’ve spotted space crafts, or that they have them on film. The films could be fake however. Also, when people say that they’ve seen something related to aliens, they might be lying. So what other proof presents us evidence of creatures from space? How about crop circles? Is there a logical explanation to their existence, or is it actually real aliens? Let’s search.

Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire.Discovered May 25, 2009[There's no tracks at all. It looks to be like something from the air created it.]

Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire.
Discovered May 25, 2009
[There’s no tracks at all. It looks to be like something from the air created it.]

Crop circles are unusual abstract impressions that appear on farmer’s fields, usually completed in a single night. Sometimes they’re just simple circles, in other cases, they’re odd designs. The edges of the crop circles appear to look untouched, like the creation was formed without human intervention. Were these shapes animated by an alien, or is it just regular homo sapiens? Some people suspect that the farmers themselves have created these crop wonders. Some think that other people wander in and vandalize the fields, then cover their footprints by walking in the tractor lines.

Crop circles have been appearing in the world for centuries. At first, they happened to rise as only circles, but after the year 1990, the circles got complex, and were turned into fancy designs. In fact, when the year 1990 hit, more than 500 crop circles were discovered.

Crop circles tend to usually form mostly in England, in the months from April to September. Why are the circles here though? Some speculate that a space craft flew in and drew the picture, or that it landed and this is the imprint of the ship. People reported visualizing UFO type lights and noises around where the crops are located. If it wasn’t aliens though, who created it?

Wind currents is one more theory. Vortices (dust devil-like funnels) frequently occur in hilly areas of England. These hilly areas are where crop circles are usually placed. Vortices shoot air down to the surface, flattening crops. According to Dr. Terence Meaden, a member of the

Found on Whitefield Hill near Woodsend in Wiltshire, UKDiscovered on August 3rd, 2010

Found on Whitefield Hill near Woodsend in Wiltshire, UK
Discovered on August 3rd, 2010

Tornado and Storm Research Organization, these funnels contain energy. Once the dust particles are sucked up in the air funnel, the particles are electrically charged and they glow. This fact could be the answer as to why witnesses have observed these mysterious lights around the crops. The funny thing is, how could a funnel create complex artwork in only a few seconds and have it look absolutely perfect?

Another explanation for crop circles would be the Earth Energy theory. Some investigators stated that the Earth produces it’s very own energy, and this energy makes the circles. To support this theory, scientists have measured magnetic forces within the crop circle. Also, people who’ve been in or near these circles claim to have felt a tingly feeling inside them. If our own planet made these wonders, once again, why would they look so well done without any imperfections? Or, does this further support the alien theory?

Air vessels would be another likely solution. A few researchers have said that airplanes or helicopters produce downdrafts, which could create a crop circle. The researchers cannot explain the round edges which appear in most crop circles. Again, how can these random downdrafts create such ideal geometric patterns and shapes.

Humans are a very likely cause of how crop circles are made. Apparently, in 1991, a British team (Doug Bower and Dave Chorley) claimed that hundreds of crop circles were made by them. They said they began this task in 1978. They have even filmed them selves

making one. Although, they always could be lying. While they filmed themselves creating a crop circle, most likely that’s all they made.

Etchilhampton, WiltshireJuly 28th, 2012

Etchilhampton, Wiltshire
July 28th, 2012

This does not explain the other thousands of crop circles that are found in England and around the rest of the globe.

In fact, cereologist (people who study crop circles) Colin Andrews, states that around 80 percent of the crop circles existing in the world are most likely made by man, and the rest of the 20 percent are created by a “higher force”.

An American biophysicist named Dr. William Levengood, found in the early 1900s that the crops inside the circles happened to be wrecked similar to how plants were damaged in a microwaved oven. This supports many of the theories, such as the plane theory or the alien theory, but it doesn’t cover how man could have done such a thing.

So what are crop circles? We don’t know. We have many ideas, but so far, we just need to continue to wait patiently for an answer.

Thanks for reading my post.

5) Atlantis

An entire continent that sunk right down to the bottom of the ocean without warning. All in one day and night. Could an island actually be sucked down like that? Also, how? How and why would this giant land mass just sink right down? How about we find out?

About 2,600 years ago, a Greek philosopher named Plato recorded a civilization living on an island known as Atlantis. He claims that it sank to the bottom of the ocean.


No one knows for sure, but some people think that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic ocean, between Europe and North America. Other people say it lies in the Mediterranean. Scientists think they’ve discovered the lost city. In 2011, a research team said that they had found a lost city which is directly under mud flats in southern Spain, north of Cadiz. This may not be Atlantis though, as many people over the years, have thought that they’ve seen it already but were proved wrong. For example, in 1997, Russian scientists believed that they found this old Greek city, but they were mistaken.


It is said that Atlantis is as big as 300 by 100 miles, or it’s larger than Asia and Libya combined. So how can something so big become so wet? Back in the classic times, one theory was that the gods punished the Atlanteans for their arrogance. Other ideas would be volcanic activity, or that it  moved and the continent of Atlantis is really Antarctica. Other people think that maybe the city is underwater because of a tsunami. An earthquake can be a likely cause as well. An earthquake with enough power to wipe out a continent and destroy all signs of disaster.

Some people believe that the citizens of Atlantis are very advanced in technology. When we were in the Ancient Greek era, maybe they were in the Industrial Revolution era. Maybe they’re not dead. Perhaps they’re in an underground hideout, hiding from the rest of society. Because we’re warmongers, they want to live in peace, secretly underground. This theory is a little insane but apparently Plato wrote that this civilization was very advanced.

Now, does this continent even exist? Has Atlantis become very famous based on false recordings? No one knows for sure. Atlantis has never been found. We have discovered underwater structures and ancient artifacts, but we assume none of which belongs to Atlantis. There’s always a possibility that down the road, when our technology grows stronger, we’ll find this underwater mystery. We might just find it.

Thanks for reading my post.