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A Poem I Wrote; Something Lost

March 21, 2014

This post isn’t about Myths and Legends, it’s about the Franco Spanish War. I enjoy writing poetry, and I decided to share wyth you all a poem that I wrote a few months ago. If you have any feedback, feel free to share.

(This poem is about the Franco Spanish War “1635-1659”)

Something Lost

   By: Moi 🙂

What I know no longer exists. Everything I love, lays now only in my heart. Something became nothing, and nothing became a nightmare, in which I can’t wake up.

The sun looks upon me in the eastern plains, or finds my footsteps in the marshes below. Forests I will hike, patrols I will evade, but a place I will not go. Something lost, something gained, but what I gained was not lost.

I saw their flag rise, and my flag alight. Red and yellow replaced the kingdom, situated in an area it did not belong.

Trees became sticks. Gardens became barren. Buildings became forgotten. Freedom became a memory, something stuck in your head but not in your hands. My mistakes lead to the fallen, and now my people watch from above.

The screams seldom leave, and over the horizon I can hear them cry. A punishment without meaning. Spanish Inquisition and imperials leaving silence at harm. My children were my residents, and the kingdom was my home. I let it all turn to glass, shattering without difficulty.

Laughter from other nations flood the air as I tread through a king lacking forest. Devotion to embarrassment, a world where my name became a bad word.

Clouds have fallen to the ground and sparks have showed me harmful light. A new tyrant sits in my throne; a beast just waiting for that blood thirst to grow. I sit alone; every teardrop is a waterfall. Everything is missing and it’s whereabouts I know, but if I must keep my life, I shan’t go.

This didn’t have to happen! Spanish garrisoned in the inappropriate! Smirks on the faces of British! Tears landing on bodies. Dust from life. Rays of sunlight turned to streams of rain. Why?! Why?! Why?!

Something lost, something gained, but what I gained was not lost.

Thank you all! Some more posts will be coming soon, brand new for 2014! Till then: Thank you for reading my poem!


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