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16) Mermaids

October 16, 2013

Mermaids are aquatic creatures, semi-fish and semi-women. That’s right, mermaids are essentially two different segments, with the torso being a woman, and the bottom aspect taking up adownload fish tail. These fish women are known to be eminently kind, very gentle, enjoy singing and often fall in love with young handsome men. Generally, Mermaids are very beautiful, attractive and lovely so… lucky guys! Mermaids often arise at oceanic related disasters like floods, storms, shipwrecks or drownings.  Legends state that mermaids can tell the future, which is one reason why people desire catching, or at least finding one.

The given name to these beautiful women, actually signifies something. The mer is based off mere, which is an Old English word defining “sea.” Maid, off course is a female, which means their title clarifies “Women of the Sea.”

Sightings of mermaids have been reported since long ago. These sightings were occurring as far back to the year 586 A.D! However, are they actually seeing mermaids? Perhaps they laid their eyes on an attractive manatee or dugong or sea-cow!* Or, to be precise, they might have just seen a human female going for an afternoon swim in the ocean. Albeit, in January, 1493, Christopher Columbus once thought he had witnessed three individual mermaids in an ocean by Haiti. “They came high out of the water, but were not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men.” He most likely saw three manatees, but you can never be too sure.

Earlier in this post, I stated that mermaids are considerate, but some people actually consider them volatile. The British believe that mermaids produce wicked storms and pursue death towards humans. Some believe that sighting a mermaid means you’re about to encounter an undesired storm. Some say that they drown men by griping them and detaining them in the deep profound sea. Or some mermaids may bring the men to their home, or an underwater city. But, like I said earlier, other tales tell that mermaids are benevolent, and caring. They may even potentially marry a human man!

Mermaids are however very useful! People say that if you give your most aspired wish to a lovely mermaid, she’ll make it come true. It’s also been told that if someone is ill, a mermaid can cure them!

download (1)It was told that the first mermaid was actually a goddess, whom was named Atargatis. She loved a human well, but ended up accidentally killing him. Out of dejection and remorse, Atargatis found herself in an ocean, and a fish body she desired. Although, she ceased to become an utter fish; her beauty prevented such an event. Her hopes became ‘half-true’, as she became a mermaid. A goddess fish woman was born! This story was written back in the ancient ages in Assyria, and I believe this was the first story of a mermaid.

So, what do mermaids do? Well, they always have a comb, and they enjoy combing, or at least playing with their hair. Legend states that mermaids fall in love with only humans, and ignore their own species, which would be mermen. (Mermen are male mermaids by the way. We’ll get into this later). They can also be found sobbing on the coast, generally sitting on a rock. Mermaids also tend to enjoy singing, and it has been told that their voice is utterly remarkable! Mermaids cease to age, so they spend potentially centuries swimming around and performing these particular actions.

Furthermore, as I referred to earlier, there’s also mermen. Moreover, there can also be merboys, which is a download (2)merman in childhood. Mermen have the same appearance as mermaids, and are not too dissimilar. They are foreseen differently from all around the world. Greek folklore considers them as fish men with beards, and often wield a trident. Their hair is also made out of seaweed. Irish folklore’s perspective is a little bit different. These mermen contain a red coloured nose, hair and sharp teeth tinted green, and eyes similar to a pigs’. Finnish folklore describes mermen as a better species. They’re handsome, they’re capable of magic, and overall quite powerful. Oh, and yes, they have a beard. The appearances for mermen are all diverse, but what they’re capable of is all the same. If somebody is sick, a merman can cure them! Or, mermen can abolish adverse curses. They are also able to produce potions! However, mermen need discretion, as they can cause harm if they attempt finding out too much about homo sapiens.

It has been told that Chinese mermen are only seen during a storm, and it has been predicted that they are the seed of the storm.

Mermen enjoy singing as well, which is used to attract female humans, similar to how mermaids sing to attract male humans. They’re personality is unknown as well. Are they benevolent, or are they hostile? Some mythologies signify that mermen actually produce some storms, and purposely cause shipwrecks. Other stories say that mermen can be teachers, and they’re outstandingly adept in education skills! (Sort of like me in a way. Right? Right?)

Fake mermaid skeletonNow it’s convenient to ask the big question. Do mermaids exist? Some circuses used to have a display of a “skeletal mermaid”. Albeit, the skeleton was just a combination of a monkey skeleton and a salmon skeleton. However, that still doesn’t answer our question. The real answer is that, we don’t know. Many famous historians claim that mermaids are in fact genuine. This is clarified by Christopher Columbus, Shakespeare and Pliny the Elder.

Apparently, many mermaids have been witnessed in Zimbabwe. Some workers were tempting to erect a dam, and these mermaids were protesting. One aspect of the dam creation was to establish the water pumps. Those workers signified that they were assailed by mermaids in the water, obviously trying to prevent the workers from proceeding to accomplish their task. Although, we’re not precisely sure whether these anecdotes are genuine. Furthermore, some people are so desperate to discover a mermaid, that they offer unbelievable rewards. For instance; the city in Israel, Kiryat Yam is willing to offer one million dollars to the individual who gets an appearance of a mermaid on tape.

This is all the critical data on mermaids and mermen! Unfortunately, their genuine personalities are still unanswered. How do you see mermaids? Do you see them as lovely, docile, gentle creatures? Or do you see them as hostile, lethal creatures? Do you see them as beautiful, pretty creatures? Or do you see them as ugly, vile creatures? Mermaids are still mysterious and, like I said, unanswered. Can you answer it?!

Thanks for reading my post.


*Sea-cows are now extinct.

  1. I once had a mermaid girlfriend but it ripped out my spine….

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