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15) Stonehenge

September 16, 2013

Stonehenge is one of the most popular myths in the world, which is located in Wiltshire, England. The megaliths are assembled into a circle, and no one knows the genuine answer on whom created it, and why they created it. If we work together… can we unravel this mystery? Can we actually find out the precise answer?! Want to find out?

How Stonehenge potentially looked when first built.

How Stonehenge potentially looked when first built.

There are 79 central stones in Stonehenge along with 80 blue stones. These comprise of two Heelstones, two Slaughter Stones, four Station Stones, thirty outer ring uprights, thirty lintels, five Trilithon uprights, five Trilithon lintels and one Altar stone. Stonehenge is also approximately 300 feet in diameter. Archaeologists assume the heritage site was constructed somewhere between 3000 BC to 2000 BC.

So who assembled Stonehenge? Why did they propose erecting it? Why is it stationed in that particular location? Back in the Medieval era, there were theories that a conjurer named Merlin was responsible for the structure’s existence. Presently, some people predict that aliens had cruised to Earth, and then created Stonehenge. Alas, we don’t know the exact reason why Stonehenge exists considering that the initial creators did not sign their art.

Now, what is Stonehenge’s purpose? Some people believe it exists for burial reasons.  Almost a century ago, archaeologists were encountering aspects of bones that were buried under Stonehenge. The researchers placed them back in it’s discovered location as they presumed they were trivial, but other archaeologists have come across these bones and have amassed an approximate total of 50,000. These bones joined together form sixty three various people. Studies’s clarify these bones were buried in 3,000 BC, and researchers surmise these bones belong to pious individuals. Scientists predict this considering a bowl and mace head that was buried within the bones. They presume the bowl was used to burn incense, to burn incense to god.

How Stonehenge looks now, thousands of years later.

How Stonehenge looks now, thousands of years later.

This isn’t the only Stonehenge theory. No, there’s more. Some people believe Stonehenge was utilized for healing purposes. Theories state that back when Stonehenge was first constructed, the previous citizens thought this stone structure would heal them. Apparently, skeletons which have an injury or sickness have been discovered near Stonehenge, along with some missing portions of blue stones. Scientists think that some individuals in the stone age may have chiseled and retained some small blue stone pieces. They then utilized them in attempt to heal or protect themselves.

Some people believe the heritage structure is a location in which people were sacrificed, considering all the bones archaeologists had exhumed. This theory has given Stonehenge a nickname, which is “Slaughter Stone.” However, there’s no other data that can support this theory, so it could be unlikely.

Another theory states that Stonehenge is a temple, and singular rituals were celebrated on a solstice. When the summer solstice occurs, Stonehenge happens to be precisely adjacent to it. Researchers also believe that pigs were in fact slaughtered on a winter solstice, which maintains evidence that Stonehenge was erected for solstices. Present solstices are celebrated in this specific area, believe it or not, which supports this theory. Other than this, there’s no other evidence to aid this premise.

It’s also vaguely potential that Stonehenge was constructed for a team exercise. Perhaps some vintage individuals were proposing training, or a teamOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA drill? Just like I elucidated in the two previous theories, there’s nothing to support this fact, but it could be accurate.

One last theory would be that it’s used as a sound scope. If two pipers played in Stonehenge, their piece would sound anomalously different. Out going noise within the stones sounds as if you’re making noise in a cathedral. There’s no other evidence to support this theory either.

The genuine answer to Stonehenge is covert, and it’ll be highly complex to actually discover what made it and why it’s there in the first place. However, we researched numerous theories, and now it’s up to you to decide. What do you presume? Why do you think it’s there? Who do you think accumulated it? For now, we all have diverse ethics, and hopefully, in the near future, we can somehow find out the answer!

Thank you for reading my post.


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