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13) Lizard Man

August 12, 2013

lizard-manYes, Lizard Man. I’m not talking about the stage performer, I’m actually talking about a lizard man; the seven foot tall (2.1m) humanoid entity that attacks people and really hates vehicles.

Lizard Man’s home is in South Carolina. His appearance includes a bipedal creature, with each foot having three toes and each hand having three fingers. The toes and fingers also contain a pad, which help him ascend certain objects. Lizard Man’s colour is green and scaly like a lizards’, and his eyes are a glowing red. He also has a dreadful tail which contains six individual spikes. This obscure being is also very dominant in strength and speed, which aids him in his loathe for vehicles.

The first sighting occurred at 2:00 AM, on July 29, 1988, when 17 year old Christopher Davis witnessed the Lizard Man. While Christopher was fixing his tire, he heard a noise. He then saw Lizard Man leap onto his car, and Lizard Man began annihilating it. Davis fled, but his car was damaged.

There were other appalling events with Lizard Man that occurred, and they all involved cars getting damaged. However, the bite marks were considered canine bite marks. There was some blood leftover on the cars too, and if they analysed the DNA, is was canine blood.

Lizard Man’s tale is quite puzzling and daunting, but there’s been other occurrences which are related to a Lizard_004lizard type varmint that have arisen long ago. For instance; there’s a legend that many thousands of years ago, Greece’s capital, Athens had a half serpent king, which was named Cecrops. There’s also an Indian legend that signifies that Lizard individuals had dominated a continent in the Indian Ocean, and it sunk. Some still believe the lizard people are still alive, and live underground.

I surmise this legend is false, but you wouldn’t consider people damaging their own cars on purpose to pretend it was a Lizard Man encounter. Or perhaps the victims cars were already damaged from something else, and the victims claim it was Lizard Man. We don’t know. However, we do know that Lizard Man is definitely not docile, and potentially part canine, and perhaps one day, we’ll unravel the mystery of this legend on this bewildering creature.

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