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10 Peculiar Myths; 1000 Views Milestone

July 14, 2013


Holy majoli-caloni-macaroni! I currently have 1000 views on my Urban Myths and Legends blog. Not only that, but I also currently have views from 50 diverse countries! Thank you to everyone who’s viewed my blog! To rejoice, I’m going to give you 10 obscure, absurd and peculiar myths, with a brief explanation! Let’s get started!

1. Individuals who Talk to Themselves Occupy Two Souls, and the Second one is Immortal.

Ukrainian legend once again speaks, and it is wrong.

2. An Active Volcano Will Stop if it is Given a Young Gorgeous Female.

So let me get this straight. A volcano is erupting because it wants a girlfriend? Fiction. This was once believed by Nicaragua, and later found out their theory was erroneous.

3. Napoleon was Small.

Okay, perhaps this isn’t obscure, but you all need to know this. Napoleon was in fact not small. Napoleon was five feet and seven inches in height, which was taller than the standard Frenchman in that era. In this era though, that’s considered short. However, Napoleon was referred to as “Le petite Corporal”. This was when soldiers disdained Napoleon’s rank, when he was corporal. Alas, the nickname stuck with him.

4. Pirates Wore Eye patches Due to a Lost Eye.

In movies, yes, pirates wear eye patches because they lost an eye. In reality, no. Pirates used to wear eye patches so one eye would get used to the exterior of the ship as the canopied eye would get used to the interior.

5. Cabbage Patch Kids are Nuclear Mutants.

Okay, let’s get into this slowly. Some individuals consider Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to appear like survivors from a nuclear holocaust. Apparently, the U.S government wanted the dolls to be produced to look like nuclear survivors so we can get prepared for the future. I don’t exactly comprehend this myth myself, but I surmise it’s false. Oh, I hope to God it’s false.

6. Ozzy Osbourne Bit off a Bat’s Cranium on Stage.

 Unfortunately, this myth is genuine. The poor bat’s head was in fact inside Ozzy Osbourne’s mouth, live, on stage. This occurred back in the 80’s, and the incident became quite famous. Osbourne bit the bat as he presumed that it was fake, and manufactured out of plastic. This is another myth that I just don’t understand! Why did Ozzy Osbourne bite the bat’s head in the first place?!

7. You Hear a Ringing in Your Right Ear, Someone is Praising You, but if You Hear a Ringing in Your Left Ear, Someone is Cursing You.

Everything that’s related to the left of something is not satanic! This myth is false!

8. A Chinese Man Sued his Wife for Being Ugly and Won.

This myth is actually accurate. In Beijing, a man sued his wife for being ugly and won. In addition, the wife was fined $120,000. The husband took this action due to the “ugly” appearance of their newborn baby. He also sued his wife for a false appearance as the wife went through plastic surgery prior to meeting him. Plastic surgery isn’t well appreciated in China. Talk about vanity!

9. Having Blue Eyes is a Mutation.tonlima-olho-azul-blue-eye-clip-art

Shockingly, yes, this is true. Individuals used to possess brown eyes, but in the interval between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, blue eyes were introduced.

10. Itchy Body Parts.

What does it mean if your body is itchy? Well, besides possibly needing a shower, other theories are…

– If your left hand is itchy, you’re going to claim money, and if your right hand is itchy, you’re going to lose money. (YES!! FINALLY!!! SOMETHING ABOUT LEFT THAT ISN’T VILE!! I’M REJOICING RIGHT NOW!!!)

– If your right foot itches then you’re going to go to a familiar place and if your left foot is itchy, you’re going to voyage to a peculiar place.

– Your left ear is itchy; that signifies someone is speaking well of you (My left ear is always itchy. *Wink* *Wink*. Actually it normally isn’t.)

– Your right ear is itchy; that clarifies malicious gossip about you.

– If your right eye is itching, then good luck is on it’s way, and if your left eye is itching, bad luck arising is imminent. (Spoke to bloody soon! And no, I’m not British!)

– Itchy nose? You’re going to kiss a fool.

None of this is genuine of course. If it was… that would be appalling. We would be losing a lot of money and go on lot’s of strange adventures, etc.


Frustated-cartoon-says-thank-youThank you everyone once again for everything! I hope you all keep enjoying and viewing my blog! Other than that, see you all next time!

Thanks for reading my post!


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