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12) Paranormal Antique Activity

July 10, 2013

All over the globe, people have purchased “stuff.” By “stuff”, I mean antique furniture.  However, this “stuff,”  is occasionally associated with an Antique-English-Mahogany-Bookcaseunforeseen free bonus. Often when individuals purchase an antique object, a ghost comes with it. Many stories have been reported based on paranormal activity after buying an antique item, but are they accurate?  Let’s commence some investigating.

You buy a vintage antique item, then you’re haunted! The only explanation is that the despondent ghost wishes to stay with it’s antique furniture, so it comes home with you. Although, is this myth genuine? A lot of the people that complain about their experiences usually happen to own something antique. Some victims who are being haunted were fine before they bought the inanimate object. Let’s peek into a few people’s adventures and see what we believe.

Electric Chair (Literally): There was a chair, not any chair; an antique chair. Ultimately, a neighbour was visiting the owner of the antique furniture. The chair inconveniently happened to be in the neighbour’s path and his arm hairs we’re behaving like there was some electrical charge. However, when the neighbour fled from the chair, his hairs swiftly relaxed. Coincidence? (Don’t ask me how that could be a coincidence but it could, okay?!)

Estate-Sapphire-Ring-1The Ring of Depression: A lady named Maria Roberts once owned an antique sapphire ring. However, every time the lady made physical contact with the ring, she immediately felt depressed. She even heard and saw signs of an authentically upset Victorian Lady. So Maria sold the ring and didn’t regret it.

The Anguished Man: The Anguished Man is a painting, although, it’s associated with absurd paranormal activity. The painting was painted with oilanguished-man paints and the artist’s own blood. Shortly after the painting was complete, the artist committed suicide.

Sean Robinson is the current owner of the painting, and he’s complaining about peculiar paranormal occurrences. Here’s a report from the victim.

“I set the camera up once more in the spare bedroom, the painting has been stored away since the last recording. I recorded over three nights for approximately four hours per night, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. I recorded the usual banging noises, but on the second night at approximately 3:25 a.m. I recorded the painting suddenly falling over and immediately afterward a small orb is visible just above the painting.”

“There were no drafts in the room and the painting was stood at an angle against the wall so it should not have been able to tip over by itself. I also experienced the strange mist again at the top of the stairs, it was like I was suddenly surrounded by smoke and I became very cold, but then it just vanished as quickly as it came.”

Here’s some visual evidence.

These stories are apprehensive and perplexing, and possibly true. If so, hopefully one day, we can disperse of these ghosts.

Thanks for reading my post.


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