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11) Lethal Tempest Mythology

May 29, 2013

imagesWe all know what not to do during a storm. Such as, don’t go outside with an umbrella or if you lack a surge protector, keep the T.V and computer off. Or, if there’s a tempest, STAY INDOORS!! However, are there additional acts that you shouldn’t perform? Let’s embark on a journey to the center of the Earth. (Not really. Did I eradicate your excitement?)

It’s Dangerous to Take a Shower During a Thunder Storm: You’re standing there, taking a shower in harmony. Little do you know, there’s a thunder storm outside. One minute you’re breathing, the next, you’re not. Does this myth have any truth to it? I don’t know, so let’s all find out!

Is it dangerous to take a shower during a thunderstorm? The myth states that a lighting strike could impact a focal water pipe, giving an electrical current through your shower. As we all know, electricity and water are quite fatal together. The National Weather Service supports this myth, interfering with a number of individual’s beliefs.

This myth is factual! It can be fatal to take a shower during a storm, so it would be a good idea not to do that.

Massive Earthquakes Only Arise in the Morning:

images (1)

It’s Hazardous to Make Contact with Someone who’s Been Electrified: Nope, it’s absolutely harmless. The electrified victim wouldn’t maintain the electricity, so it’s completely safe!

Lighting Never Strikes the Same Place Twice: This myth is fiction. In fact, if something has been struck by lightning, it would most likely get impacted again, various times.



A Tornado will Cease to Occur During Winter: It’s winter; you think you’re safe, but you aren’t.  Most cyclones form in a warm scorching climate, but a cold atmosphere isn’t a twister’s adversary. Alas, funnels can in fact, form in brisk weather.

This tornado can present more devastation than........

This tornado can present more devastation than……..

Larger Tornadoes are More Lethal than Diminutive Tornadoes: Are they? Most people would probably say “yes,” considering the size.

THIS!!!! (I'm serious)

THIS!!!! (I’m serious)

However, they both can do an equal amount of adverse damage. It doesn’t depend on the dimension of the tornado, what matters, is the heart. (By that I mean the tornado’s heart silly. The destruction from the tornado is based on the swiftness of it’s wind, not it’s size).

Driving Away is a More Convenient Solution than Taking Shelter During a Tornado: A car drives in the open, making it susceptible, and the roads could be enclosed with trees, telephone polls, collapsed power lines or debris. The roads could be flooded too.

Driving away could be lethal. If you’re currently on the road, yeah, flee, but if not, stay indoors.

So there you go, myths and stuff about storms. Tempests are fatal, so you have to be cautious, and this is why. I hope you enjoyed this post, until then, see ya!


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