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9) Is there a Disadvantage to Being Left Handed?

April 4, 2013
You see how I placed it on the left side?

You see how I placed it on the left side?

Individuals state that left handed people have disadvantages. They quote unfortunate facts such as “Right handed people live longer than left handed people”, or that they’re supremely clumsy. Are any of the left handed disadvantages that the world has come up with true? Or are they false? Let’s answer this outrageous question.

Do Right Handed People Live Longer than Left Handed People?

Interesting question. Researchers believe that right handed people live longer than left handed people. Is this statement just a legend? Or is it fact?

Apparently, when human error accidents are reported, more lefties are discovered dead than righties are. A variety of cultures believe deaththat nature covets to rid them from the face of the Earth due to the fact that they’re “different.” Another theory would be the reality of people driving on the right side of the road. If something alarms the driver, and they need to drive out of the way, right handed people would most likely drive to the right, into the curb, on reflex. Left handed reflexes would be to turn left, into traffic. Also, everything existent in the world is basically constructed for right handed people, such as desks and scissors. Even paper is designed specifically for right handed people. When lefties write, their hand smears the print, forcing your work to appear messy visually. (This is very infuriating. Trust me, I’m left handed.)

This myth is true, unfortunately, due to accidental incidents and disease. Lefties have shorter lives, not based on a curse or some unanswerable question. To support this myth (which I don’t want to do), righties happen to live up to 75 years on average. Lefties live up to 66 years in age on average. It’s all based on what sex you are too. The New York Times stated that right handed females get to live 5 years extra than left handed females. For males, the righties get to live 10 years longer than the lefties. (Shoot!)

Are Left Handed People Permanently Clumsy?

36c1ec992200738444c278a426cbe302People consider left handed people (also known as southpaws) to be constantly clumsy. This assumption is false. A number of folks assume that the quotation “Having two left feet” indicates that left handed people are clumsy. This sentence was often used when someone attempted to say that they’re an awkward dancer. This does not at all relate to lefties being clumsy.

The Right Hand Symbolizes “Male” as the Left Hand is “Female”

This reference is false. 90 percent of all humans are right handed, with an approximate equal balance of females and males. The other 10 percent also has an equivalent outcome with some being female and some being male.

Left Handed People Get Scared Easily.

Why did I start this post? Some physiologists believe this is a fact, and not a myth. Lefties do get scared easily. They often bear a miniature symptom of PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). PTSD is when something traumatic

Let's just say that this apple is left handed... I'm not trying to be stereotypical.

Let’s just say that this apple is left handed… I’m not trying to be stereotypical.

occurs and you’re mentally and emotionally scarred. The people that suffer from PTSD are unfortunate people who’ve witnessed a murder, have been held hostage or retired Veterans, etc. I was shocked to read that mostly left handed people have a subtle version of this. Actually, right handed people have this too, but it’s doubled in lefties.

Another reason explaining why left handed humans get scared easily is that from being left handed, they’re more connected to the right side of the brain (yes, they’re connected to the right side of the brain, not the left. This explains the reasoning as to why left handed people are more creative than right handed people are. No offence righties. The right section of the mind produces art and creativity). The right side of the brain is also where the scared section lays.

(Left handed people who’ve observed eight minutes of the horror film “The Silence of The Lambs” were far more petrified than righties.)

Left Handed People are Pure Evil

No! Left handed people are not evil, or created by any evil force in any way. Many years ago, people thought that left handed people were evil. When children were at school in those days, they were not given permission to be left handed. If they were caught printing with their left hand, the educator would strike them with a ruler, or have them sit on their hand. This superstition is luckily F A L S E!! No need to worry. If you see a left handed person, they’re not evil.

These are a few myths and facts about being left handed. If you’re left handed, like me, then you live a shorter life than righties and get scared easier. You’re not clumsy or manufactured by evilness. Abolish those superstitions. We just live in a world, where science adds it’s disadvantages to being left handed.

There’s not just an unfortunate side to being left handed. There are advantages as well;

– Left handed people have a greater chance at intelligence. (I’m 100 percent positive. There’s no scientific explanation, but a lot of lefties have a very high level intelligence.)

– You’re unique.

– You type faster. (Approximately 3400 words are typed with the left hand and 450 are typed with the right hand.)

– You’re creative. (I explained this earlier in the post)

[Fun Time – Famous People who were Left Handed:]

– Napoleon Bonapart

– Barrack Obama

– Alexander the Great

– Bill Gates

– Aristotle

– Leonardo da Vinci

– Oprah Winfrey

– Babe Ruth

– Albert Einstein

– Tom Cruise


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  1. Aimie Igloria permalink

    I know how to use my left hand..when i eat i hold the spoon with my left hand..some works my left hand involved..i know both hand

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