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8) Mothman

March 25, 2013

Mothman, a source of disaster, half man, half moth, which lurks in West Virginia. Can such a thing exist? If it does, what is it genuinely? An alien? Just a hoax? Let’s keep reading.mothman

Mothman is a dark, humanoid, seven foot tall, moth type creature. It has no head, having it’s circular, red eyes, implanted on it’s chest. If Mothman enters a person’s gaze, the first thing they notice, is just the scorching, red eyes. He has giant moth related wings which are ten feet wide. Some people say that he flies without the use of these wings. Sightings of this moth-like creature usually occur before or after a disaster. People suspect that Mothman was the reason behind these unusual incidents.

There has been approximately 100 people that have witnessed Mothman. He doesn’t just appear mothman7zf_jpg_banat a disaster however. He chases cars with an incredible speed and sometimes even assaults them. He has been discovered staring through house windows, and then flaps away. Mothman is also fond of sleeping in people’s backyards. From what witnesses are stating, Mothman seems to enjoy terrorizing innocent people with a passion.

Mothman’s eyes are located on his chest, so how can he tell where he’s going while soaring in the air? His eyes will always be peering at the ground. This answer is unknown.

On November 15, 1966, the first sighting of Mothman took place in West Virginia. At Point Pleasant, a small peaceful town, a terrified couple saw this unique and unspeakable being. It hit the media along with a newspaper article titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird… Creature… Something.”


The collapse of the Silver Bridge took place on December 15, 1967. This picture could be false because the date at the bottom confirms it was taken on November 13, 2003.

One of the most popular occurrences of Mothman would be the Silver Bridge tragedy. When this bridge disaster became a reality, it was the largest bridge collapse in the United States of America, up to that time period. Apparently, Mothman was seen, attached to the bridge just before it crumbled. Furthermore, it was seen underneath the Silver Bridge as it was falling. Was Mothman responsible for the damage and the 46 deaths? The Silver Bridge was around 40 years in age, and investigators concluded that it was a critical steel pin that gave way. The bridge also faced a heavy load of cars constantly, and the bridge was unprepared for such weight.



So, what is Mothman? A variety of people believe that citizens are seeing Thunderbirds, which are other mythological organisms, often part of western Indian folklore. If these enormous birds are just legends, then perhaps these residents are envisioning something else.

Other people consider that Mothman is a mutant bird. He has been spotted a lot in the T.N.T area, in South Virginia. This region is severely polluted and contaminated. Ammunition and waste material now has currently overtaken the lake. People believe that all this filth has, in fact, mutated this legendary abomination into what has been recently observed.

A few individuals declare that Mothman is an alien. There’s always a chance of it being a hoax as well. Perhaps someone dressed to appear like this moth figure, and connected themselves to a solo-glider, which creates no mechanical sounds. The glider would most likely produce squeaky noises nevertheless, which could be related to the shrieking sounds from the “thing” heard by petrified spectators. (I’m talking about you…!!!!)

Some people think that the city’s cursed by a shaman chief, who performed this cursed bird act over 200 years ago. Other people stated that we’re just seeing over sized birds, or massive owls. None of which, are seven feet tall.

Mothman has gotten quite famous. There’s even a news report with reference to Mothman, which you can watch right here. As well, there’s a full feature film called “The Mothman Prophecies” staring Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Debra Messing.

(This is an NBC news cast, shot around 2009)


A picture of Mothman, drawn by an eyewitness.

Is Mothman real?! Does he exist? Well, think about the history of New York in 1880.  They observed a flying man upon the city, whom they named “The Houston Batman”. Also, currently, Pennsylvania has been experiencing numerous Thunderbird sightings. These could either confirm to us that Thunderbirds exist, or in reality, it’s Mothman.

There’s side effects from encountering Mothman. Eyewitnesses have suffered burns within their flesh. Their eyes become swollen and inflamed. These unfortunate side effects never seem to heal or go away.

People believe that Mothman was the reasoning behind 9-1-1

People believe that Mothman was the reasoning behind 9-1-1

Mothman lives in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but is he traveling? Suspicious looking, large birds have been spotted around the globe, and shortly afterwards, giant natural disasters happen unsuspectingly.

There’s a fairly large number of disasters that have happened, right after Mothman was seen. There’s too many natural disasters for it to be coincidental, so if Mothman does exist, we’ve got a big quandary on our hands. But wait!! Maybe Mothman can actually sense when a disaster is about to happen. Could he be attempting to save lives by somehow lessening the death toll to the disaster? Or is he here to cause death and destruction?


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