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7) Leprechaun

March 17, 2013

ae5f8c649a13084f0fc10b7542dc1f22What are Leprechauns? Small Irish people partnered with a pot of gold? Is there more to their tale though? Why are they St. Patrick’s Day’s mascot? What’s their behavior? What do they do? Let’s go.

Leprechauns are red haired male figures which are less than 24 inches long. They are Irish elves which explains the reasoning on why they have pointed ears. They wear a green hat along with green clothing. Their shoes lack in green color however, as they are black and created with leather. Their red sideburns are thick and bushy and they sometimes have a curly beard on their chin. Their cheeks and nose happen to be rosy most of the time. Unfortunately, there are no female leprechauns. 😦

Leprechauns eat some nuts, different types of wild flowers and mushrooms. Leprechauns enjoy drinking fancy beverages, made by themselves, and occasionally drink dandelion tea.

From what these tiny legendary people eat, it’s no doubt that they live in a forest inside Ireland. Inside the forest, some people believe that they stay inside an invisible village. Throughout the year, the town becomes visible. If that’s not the case, then they live in small caves, hollow trees or underneath large bushes.

Leprechauns are difficult to catch. Although, if you do end up catching one you can discover where their pots of gold lay, just by asking them. They have to speak the truth, based on it’s law. If you ever take your gaze off the leprechaun though, he will disappear, out of thin air. The leprechaun can perfectly mimic sounds of wild animals and family members however. This can make the holder turn to observe what’s happening, then *poof*, the leprechaun is gone.

How do you get hold of a leprechaun? Putting a leprechaun in captivity is a challenging task. Since the Leprechauns are dressed in green, they can be tricky to find. Although, there’s numerous strategies that you can attempt. One of which will be using their love of gold and four leafed clovers against them. You can lure them by leaving a trail of false gold coins or four leafed clovers. You can also construct a leprechaun trap with any material that can hold it. I.e: Empty container, Butterfly net, etc. You will also need to require bait, to attract the leprechaun. Once again, coins or four leafed clovers will be the best. If you have your trap well camouflaged and outside, then you’re set.

Leprechauns are a peaceful race which perform no harm to anyone. They do play tricks on people though. Even though they’re harmless, many movies state that their not. Take the movie “Leprechaun” (Jennifer Aniston’s first movie) for example. The film is based on a leprechaun that’s on a search for his pot of gold. As four people have found the gold, the leprechaun attempts to kill them for his gold back, and killing other people as well. Leprechauns do not do this.leprechaun

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick

For a living, leprechauns are shoe makers.

So, how do leprechauns relate to St. Patrick’s Day? Saint Patrick was a British Christian man, captured by the Irish in 403 A.D. Once he escaped, he retreated to Britain, trained to be a missionary, and returned to Ireland to convert the citizens there to Christianity. Leprechauns are small, green dressed men. In 1959, a Walt Disney film was published, named Darby O’Gill & the Little People. In this film, was a little jolly leprechaun. After this movie, that leprechaun became the symbol for St. Patrick’s Day.

There we go. Leprechauns aren’t bad people. They’re tricksters, they’re greedy, but not bad. Are they real though? You decide. I say they’re not real, but you believe what you want.

Thanks for reading my post.

  1. Helluu, Ryan. Don’t need to approve this but just a hint of advice. At the end of your post when you say “their” thats the wrong kind of there.

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  3. They’re not real is correct. You can read that as , I say they are not real. They’re is the correct way. Their shows possession. Ex. That was their gold. You wound not say that is they are gold.

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