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6) Crop Circles

March 13, 2013
Found in Wiltshire at Avebury Trusloe

Found in Wiltshire at Avebury Trusloe

Crop circles, what? People have claimed that they’ve spotted space crafts, or that they have them on film. The films could be fake however. Also, when people say that they’ve seen something related to aliens, they might be lying. So what other proof presents us evidence of creatures from space? How about crop circles? Is there a logical explanation to their existence, or is it actually real aliens? Let’s search.

Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire.Discovered May 25, 2009[There's no tracks at all. It looks to be like something from the air created it.]

Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire.
Discovered May 25, 2009
[There’s no tracks at all. It looks to be like something from the air created it.]

Crop circles are unusual abstract impressions that appear on farmer’s fields, usually completed in a single night. Sometimes they’re just simple circles, in other cases, they’re odd designs. The edges of the crop circles appear to look untouched, like the creation was formed without human intervention. Were these shapes animated by an alien, or is it just regular homo sapiens? Some people suspect that the farmers themselves have created these crop wonders. Some think that other people wander in and vandalize the fields, then cover their footprints by walking in the tractor lines.

Crop circles have been appearing in the world for centuries. At first, they happened to rise as only circles, but after the year 1990, the circles got complex, and were turned into fancy designs. In fact, when the year 1990 hit, more than 500 crop circles were discovered.

Crop circles tend to usually form mostly in England, in the months from April to September. Why are the circles here though? Some speculate that a space craft flew in and drew the picture, or that it landed and this is the imprint of the ship. People reported visualizing UFO type lights and noises around where the crops are located. If it wasn’t aliens though, who created it?

Wind currents is one more theory. Vortices (dust devil-like funnels) frequently occur in hilly areas of England. These hilly areas are where crop circles are usually placed. Vortices shoot air down to the surface, flattening crops. According to Dr. Terence Meaden, a member of the

Found on Whitefield Hill near Woodsend in Wiltshire, UKDiscovered on August 3rd, 2010

Found on Whitefield Hill near Woodsend in Wiltshire, UK
Discovered on August 3rd, 2010

Tornado and Storm Research Organization, these funnels contain energy. Once the dust particles are sucked up in the air funnel, the particles are electrically charged and they glow. This fact could be the answer as to why witnesses have observed these mysterious lights around the crops. The funny thing is, how could a funnel create complex artwork in only a few seconds and have it look absolutely perfect?

Another explanation for crop circles would be the Earth Energy theory. Some investigators stated that the Earth produces it’s very own energy, and this energy makes the circles. To support this theory, scientists have measured magnetic forces within the crop circle. Also, people who’ve been in or near these circles claim to have felt a tingly feeling inside them. If our own planet made these wonders, once again, why would they look so well done without any imperfections? Or, does this further support the alien theory?

Air vessels would be another likely solution. A few researchers have said that airplanes or helicopters produce downdrafts, which could create a crop circle. The researchers cannot explain the round edges which appear in most crop circles. Again, how can these random downdrafts create such ideal geometric patterns and shapes.

Humans are a very likely cause of how crop circles are made. Apparently, in 1991, a British team (Doug Bower and Dave Chorley) claimed that hundreds of crop circles were made by them. They said they began this task in 1978. They have even filmed them selves

making one. Although, they always could be lying. While they filmed themselves creating a crop circle, most likely that’s all they made.

Etchilhampton, WiltshireJuly 28th, 2012

Etchilhampton, Wiltshire
July 28th, 2012

This does not explain the other thousands of crop circles that are found in England and around the rest of the globe.

In fact, cereologist (people who study crop circles) Colin Andrews, states that around 80 percent of the crop circles existing in the world are most likely made by man, and the rest of the 20 percent are created by a “higher force”.

An American biophysicist named Dr. William Levengood, found in the early 1900s that the crops inside the circles happened to be wrecked similar to how plants were damaged in a microwaved oven. This supports many of the theories, such as the plane theory or the alien theory, but it doesn’t cover how man could have done such a thing.

So what are crop circles? We don’t know. We have many ideas, but so far, we just need to continue to wait patiently for an answer.

Thanks for reading my post.


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  1. Im the architect for these did i do a good job? or should i tell my aliens to spruce it up a little

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