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5) Atlantis

March 6, 2013

An entire continent that sunk right down to the bottom of the ocean without warning. All in one day and night. Could an island actually be sucked down like that? Also, how? How and why would this giant land mass just sink right down? How about we find out?

About 2,600 years ago, a Greek philosopher named Plato recorded a civilization living on an island known as Atlantis. He claims that it sank to the bottom of the ocean.


No one knows for sure, but some people think that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic ocean, between Europe and North America. Other people say it lies in the Mediterranean. Scientists think they’ve discovered the lost city. In 2011, a research team said that they had found a lost city which is directly under mud flats in southern Spain, north of Cadiz. This may not be Atlantis though, as many people over the years, have thought that they’ve seen it already but were proved wrong. For example, in 1997, Russian scientists believed that they found this old Greek city, but they were mistaken.


It is said that Atlantis is as big as 300 by 100 miles, or it’s larger than Asia and Libya combined. So how can something so big become so wet? Back in the classic times, one theory was that the gods punished the Atlanteans for their arrogance. Other ideas would be volcanic activity, or that it  moved and the continent of Atlantis is really Antarctica. Other people think that maybe the city is underwater because of a tsunami. An earthquake can be a likely cause as well. An earthquake with enough power to wipe out a continent and destroy all signs of disaster.

Some people believe that the citizens of Atlantis are very advanced in technology. When we were in the Ancient Greek era, maybe they were in the Industrial Revolution era. Maybe they’re not dead. Perhaps they’re in an underground hideout, hiding from the rest of society. Because we’re warmongers, they want to live in peace, secretly underground. This theory is a little insane but apparently Plato wrote that this civilization was very advanced.

Now, does this continent even exist? Has Atlantis become very famous based on false recordings? No one knows for sure. Atlantis has never been found. We have discovered underwater structures and ancient artifacts, but we assume none of which belongs to Atlantis. There’s always a possibility that down the road, when our technology grows stronger, we’ll find this underwater mystery. We might just find it.

Thanks for reading my post.

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