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4) Do You Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain?

February 27, 2013

Humans are sentient beings, and of course, our brains are the cause. Do we only use 10 percent of our brain though? Let’s carry on.

In the 1900’s, a psychologist named William James stated, “The average person rarely achieves but a small portion of his or her potential.” Over the years, this quote has been turned into only using 10% of your brain. Even Albert Einstein has exclaimed something that could support this myth.

Some people believe that if we used the other 90 percent of our brain, we would have the power to move objects, just with our mind. Maybe you could even read other minds, maybe we could speak telepathically. Interesting enough, 47 percent of teachers actually believe in the myth.

Scientists say that this myth is false. We have to perform many acts in our life such as, reading, communication, breathing, locomotion, problem solving, creation, thinking, etc. Could you propose all that with only 10 percent of your brain? You wouldn’t be able to hold much memory either.


This myth is false. We all use 100 percent of our brain. If we only used 10 percent of our brain, it would be 90 percent smaller. Your whole brain is always active. Each part of the brain has a purpose. There is no actual evidence that you use 10 percent of your brain. If the 10 percent brain myth was real, then people with brain damage would have no consequence.  Also, why would we have such large brains if you only use a small fraction of it?

Thanks for reading my post. See you next time.


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  1. Gandhi permalink

    This scared me so much I had seventeen heart attacks and my heart pumps diarrhea instead of blood now.

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