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1) Slender Man

February 12, 2013



Thats right, it’s our tall, slim faceless friend, Slender Man.

Slender Man was first invented for the Something Aweful contest on June 8th 2009. In this contest, you had to alter an ordinary picture and turn it into a disturbing photograph. He’s a skinny man that’s noramlly 8ft tall but can stretch his limbs to become even taller. Slender Man also has no facial features which makes his face appear to have a cloth wrapped around it. He wears a business suit everywhere with either a red tie or a black tie. No one knows for sure what the different ties represent.

Slender Man is known to abduct children by hypnotizing them with his abnormally long limbs, having the kids wandering towards him. People don’t know for sure what he does with them but some assume that he brings them to an alternate dimension. It looks to be that Slender Man isn’t shy in appearing in pictures as some people have reported seeing him in their pictures. If he shows up in a photo with a child though, they appear to go missing a short time later.

Slender Man has tenticles as well which he uses to grab his prey, to walk around or to assist him in climbing. His tenticles can grow up to 8-9ft long.

People believe that the more you know about Slender Man, or the more frightened you are of him, the chances of him stalking you become more likely. He also enjoys occasionally showing himself, to give people an even bigger scare.

People have already reported sightings of Slender Man. Some exclaim that at night they’ve seen him looking through windows, or in a forest where he often stays.

Slender Man causes a sickness too, such as insomnia, nausea, bleeding noses or uncontrollable coughing. On sight, Slender Man causes different effects like, extreme coughing, vomiting or exhaustion. This is known as, “The Slendersickness.”

Slender Man also has a symbol. It’s called The Operator Symbol, which is an O with an X through it. The symbol was first created by Marbel Hornets, who make Slender Man documentaries. The real reason on how The Operator Symbol involves Slender Man is unknown, but some ideas have occured. Some say that it’s Slender Man’s warning that he’s around, or the symbol keeps Slender Man away from the person for awhile.


As freaky as this stalker may be, luckily, he ceases to exist. We’re all safe… I think.

Thanks for reading my post, I hoped you learned something from this. Other than that, have a great day!

  1. imrighturnot permalink

    Sounds creepy!

  2. brandon permalink

    their might be two slender men one with a black tie and the other with a red

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