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A Poem I Wrote; Something Lost

This post isn’t about Myths and Legends, it’s about the Franco Spanish War. I enjoy writing poetry, and I decided to share wyth you all a poem that I wrote a few months ago. If you have any feedback, feel free to share.

(This poem is about the Franco Spanish War “1635-1659”)

Something Lost

   By: Moi 🙂

What I know no longer exists. Everything I love, lays now only in my heart. Something became nothing, and nothing became a nightmare, in which I can’t wake up.

The sun looks upon me in the eastern plains, or finds my footsteps in the marshes below. Forests I will hike, patrols I will evade, but a place I will not go. Something lost, something gained, but what I gained was not lost.

I saw their flag rise, and my flag alight. Red and yellow replaced the kingdom, situated in an area it did not belong.

Trees became sticks. Gardens became barren. Buildings became forgotten. Freedom became a memory, something stuck in your head but not in your hands. My mistakes lead to the fallen, and now my people watch from above.

The screams seldom leave, and over the horizon I can hear them cry. A punishment without meaning. Spanish Inquisition and imperials leaving silence at harm. My children were my residents, and the kingdom was my home. I let it all turn to glass, shattering without difficulty.

Laughter from other nations flood the air as I tread through a king lacking forest. Devotion to embarrassment, a world where my name became a bad word.

Clouds have fallen to the ground and sparks have showed me harmful light. A new tyrant sits in my throne; a beast just waiting for that blood thirst to grow. I sit alone; every teardrop is a waterfall. Everything is missing and it’s whereabouts I know, but if I must keep my life, I shan’t go.

This didn’t have to happen! Spanish garrisoned in the inappropriate! Smirks on the faces of British! Tears landing on bodies. Dust from life. Rays of sunlight turned to streams of rain. Why?! Why?! Why?!

Something lost, something gained, but what I gained was not lost.

Thank you all! Some more posts will be coming soon, brand new for 2014! Till then: Thank you for reading my poem!


16) Mermaids

Mermaids are aquatic creatures, semi-fish and semi-women. That’s right, mermaids are essentially two different segments, with the torso being a woman, and the bottom aspect taking up adownload fish tail. These fish women are known to be eminently kind, very gentle, enjoy singing and often fall in love with young handsome men. Generally, Mermaids are very beautiful, attractive and lovely so… lucky guys! Mermaids often arise at oceanic related disasters like floods, storms, shipwrecks or drownings.  Legends state that mermaids can tell the future, which is one reason why people desire catching, or at least finding one.

The given name to these beautiful women, actually signifies something. The mer is based off mere, which is an Old English word defining “sea.” Maid, off course is a female, which means their title clarifies “Women of the Sea.”

Sightings of mermaids have been reported since long ago. These sightings were occurring as far back to the year 586 A.D! However, are they actually seeing mermaids? Perhaps they laid their eyes on an attractive manatee or dugong or sea-cow!* Or, to be precise, they might have just seen a human female going for an afternoon swim in the ocean. Albeit, in January, 1493, Christopher Columbus once thought he had witnessed three individual mermaids in an ocean by Haiti. “They came high out of the water, but were not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men.” He most likely saw three manatees, but you can never be too sure.

Earlier in this post, I stated that mermaids are considerate, but some people actually consider them volatile. The British believe that mermaids produce wicked storms and pursue death towards humans. Some believe that sighting a mermaid means you’re about to encounter an undesired storm. Some say that they drown men by griping them and detaining them in the deep profound sea. Or some mermaids may bring the men to their home, or an underwater city. But, like I said earlier, other tales tell that mermaids are benevolent, and caring. They may even potentially marry a human man!

Mermaids are however very useful! People say that if you give your most aspired wish to a lovely mermaid, she’ll make it come true. It’s also been told that if someone is ill, a mermaid can cure them!

download (1)It was told that the first mermaid was actually a goddess, whom was named Atargatis. She loved a human well, but ended up accidentally killing him. Out of dejection and remorse, Atargatis found herself in an ocean, and a fish body she desired. Although, she ceased to become an utter fish; her beauty prevented such an event. Her hopes became ‘half-true’, as she became a mermaid. A goddess fish woman was born! This story was written back in the ancient ages in Assyria, and I believe this was the first story of a mermaid.

So, what do mermaids do? Well, they always have a comb, and they enjoy combing, or at least playing with their hair. Legend states that mermaids fall in love with only humans, and ignore their own species, which would be mermen. (Mermen are male mermaids by the way. We’ll get into this later). They can also be found sobbing on the coast, generally sitting on a rock. Mermaids also tend to enjoy singing, and it has been told that their voice is utterly remarkable! Mermaids cease to age, so they spend potentially centuries swimming around and performing these particular actions.

Furthermore, as I referred to earlier, there’s also mermen. Moreover, there can also be merboys, which is a download (2)merman in childhood. Mermen have the same appearance as mermaids, and are not too dissimilar. They are foreseen differently from all around the world. Greek folklore considers them as fish men with beards, and often wield a trident. Their hair is also made out of seaweed. Irish folklore’s perspective is a little bit different. These mermen contain a red coloured nose, hair and sharp teeth tinted green, and eyes similar to a pigs’. Finnish folklore describes mermen as a better species. They’re handsome, they’re capable of magic, and overall quite powerful. Oh, and yes, they have a beard. The appearances for mermen are all diverse, but what they’re capable of is all the same. If somebody is sick, a merman can cure them! Or, mermen can abolish adverse curses. They are also able to produce potions! However, mermen need discretion, as they can cause harm if they attempt finding out too much about homo sapiens.

It has been told that Chinese mermen are only seen during a storm, and it has been predicted that they are the seed of the storm.

Mermen enjoy singing as well, which is used to attract female humans, similar to how mermaids sing to attract male humans. They’re personality is unknown as well. Are they benevolent, or are they hostile? Some mythologies signify that mermen actually produce some storms, and purposely cause shipwrecks. Other stories say that mermen can be teachers, and they’re outstandingly adept in education skills! (Sort of like me in a way. Right? Right?)

Fake mermaid skeletonNow it’s convenient to ask the big question. Do mermaids exist? Some circuses used to have a display of a “skeletal mermaid”. Albeit, the skeleton was just a combination of a monkey skeleton and a salmon skeleton. However, that still doesn’t answer our question. The real answer is that, we don’t know. Many famous historians claim that mermaids are in fact genuine. This is clarified by Christopher Columbus, Shakespeare and Pliny the Elder.

Apparently, many mermaids have been witnessed in Zimbabwe. Some workers were tempting to erect a dam, and these mermaids were protesting. One aspect of the dam creation was to establish the water pumps. Those workers signified that they were assailed by mermaids in the water, obviously trying to prevent the workers from proceeding to accomplish their task. Although, we’re not precisely sure whether these anecdotes are genuine. Furthermore, some people are so desperate to discover a mermaid, that they offer unbelievable rewards. For instance; the city in Israel, Kiryat Yam is willing to offer one million dollars to the individual who gets an appearance of a mermaid on tape.

This is all the critical data on mermaids and mermen! Unfortunately, their genuine personalities are still unanswered. How do you see mermaids? Do you see them as lovely, docile, gentle creatures? Or do you see them as hostile, lethal creatures? Do you see them as beautiful, pretty creatures? Or do you see them as ugly, vile creatures? Mermaids are still mysterious and, like I said, unanswered. Can you answer it?!

Thanks for reading my post.


*Sea-cows are now extinct.

15) Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most popular myths in the world, which is located in Wiltshire, England. The megaliths are assembled into a circle, and no one knows the genuine answer on whom created it, and why they created it. If we work together… can we unravel this mystery? Can we actually find out the precise answer?! Want to find out?

How Stonehenge potentially looked when first built.

How Stonehenge potentially looked when first built.

There are 79 central stones in Stonehenge along with 80 blue stones. These comprise of two Heelstones, two Slaughter Stones, four Station Stones, thirty outer ring uprights, thirty lintels, five Trilithon uprights, five Trilithon lintels and one Altar stone. Stonehenge is also approximately 300 feet in diameter. Archaeologists assume the heritage site was constructed somewhere between 3000 BC to 2000 BC.

So who assembled Stonehenge? Why did they propose erecting it? Why is it stationed in that particular location? Back in the Medieval era, there were theories that a conjurer named Merlin was responsible for the structure’s existence. Presently, some people predict that aliens had cruised to Earth, and then created Stonehenge. Alas, we don’t know the exact reason why Stonehenge exists considering that the initial creators did not sign their art.

Now, what is Stonehenge’s purpose? Some people believe it exists for burial reasons.  Almost a century ago, archaeologists were encountering aspects of bones that were buried under Stonehenge. The researchers placed them back in it’s discovered location as they presumed they were trivial, but other archaeologists have come across these bones and have amassed an approximate total of 50,000. These bones joined together form sixty three various people. Studies’s clarify these bones were buried in 3,000 BC, and researchers surmise these bones belong to pious individuals. Scientists predict this considering a bowl and mace head that was buried within the bones. They presume the bowl was used to burn incense, to burn incense to god.

How Stonehenge looks now, thousands of years later.

How Stonehenge looks now, thousands of years later.

This isn’t the only Stonehenge theory. No, there’s more. Some people believe Stonehenge was utilized for healing purposes. Theories state that back when Stonehenge was first constructed, the previous citizens thought this stone structure would heal them. Apparently, skeletons which have an injury or sickness have been discovered near Stonehenge, along with some missing portions of blue stones. Scientists think that some individuals in the stone age may have chiseled and retained some small blue stone pieces. They then utilized them in attempt to heal or protect themselves.

Some people believe the heritage structure is a location in which people were sacrificed, considering all the bones archaeologists had exhumed. This theory has given Stonehenge a nickname, which is “Slaughter Stone.” However, there’s no other data that can support this theory, so it could be unlikely.

Another theory states that Stonehenge is a temple, and singular rituals were celebrated on a solstice. When the summer solstice occurs, Stonehenge happens to be precisely adjacent to it. Researchers also believe that pigs were in fact slaughtered on a winter solstice, which maintains evidence that Stonehenge was erected for solstices. Present solstices are celebrated in this specific area, believe it or not, which supports this theory. Other than this, there’s no other evidence to aid this premise.

It’s also vaguely potential that Stonehenge was constructed for a team exercise. Perhaps some vintage individuals were proposing training, or a teamOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA drill? Just like I elucidated in the two previous theories, there’s nothing to support this fact, but it could be accurate.

One last theory would be that it’s used as a sound scope. If two pipers played in Stonehenge, their piece would sound anomalously different. Out going noise within the stones sounds as if you’re making noise in a cathedral. There’s no other evidence to support this theory either.

The genuine answer to Stonehenge is covert, and it’ll be highly complex to actually discover what made it and why it’s there in the first place. However, we researched numerous theories, and now it’s up to you to decide. What do you presume? Why do you think it’s there? Who do you think accumulated it? For now, we all have diverse ethics, and hopefully, in the near future, we can somehow find out the answer!

Thank you for reading my post.

14) There’s a Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

Is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Well, how about we take a look at a full rainbow.


Is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

(Picture is based off a video created by Jimbomcd)

(Picture is based off a video created by Jimbomcd)

13) Lizard Man

lizard-manYes, Lizard Man. I’m not talking about the stage performer, I’m actually talking about a lizard man; the seven foot tall (2.1m) humanoid entity that attacks people and really hates vehicles.

Lizard Man’s home is in South Carolina. His appearance includes a bipedal creature, with each foot having three toes and each hand having three fingers. The toes and fingers also contain a pad, which help him ascend certain objects. Lizard Man’s colour is green and scaly like a lizards’, and his eyes are a glowing red. He also has a dreadful tail which contains six individual spikes. This obscure being is also very dominant in strength and speed, which aids him in his loathe for vehicles.

The first sighting occurred at 2:00 AM, on July 29, 1988, when 17 year old Christopher Davis witnessed the Lizard Man. While Christopher was fixing his tire, he heard a noise. He then saw Lizard Man leap onto his car, and Lizard Man began annihilating it. Davis fled, but his car was damaged.

There were other appalling events with Lizard Man that occurred, and they all involved cars getting damaged. However, the bite marks were considered canine bite marks. There was some blood leftover on the cars too, and if they analysed the DNA, is was canine blood.

Lizard Man’s tale is quite puzzling and daunting, but there’s been other occurrences which are related to a Lizard_004lizard type varmint that have arisen long ago. For instance; there’s a legend that many thousands of years ago, Greece’s capital, Athens had a half serpent king, which was named Cecrops. There’s also an Indian legend that signifies that Lizard individuals had dominated a continent in the Indian Ocean, and it sunk. Some still believe the lizard people are still alive, and live underground.

I surmise this legend is false, but you wouldn’t consider people damaging their own cars on purpose to pretend it was a Lizard Man encounter. Or perhaps the victims cars were already damaged from something else, and the victims claim it was Lizard Man. We don’t know. However, we do know that Lizard Man is definitely not docile, and potentially part canine, and perhaps one day, we’ll unravel the mystery of this legend on this bewildering creature.

10 Peculiar Myths; 1000 Views Milestone


Holy majoli-caloni-macaroni! I currently have 1000 views on my Urban Myths and Legends blog. Not only that, but I also currently have views from 50 diverse countries! Thank you to everyone who’s viewed my blog! To rejoice, I’m going to give you 10 obscure, absurd and peculiar myths, with a brief explanation! Let’s get started!

1. Individuals who Talk to Themselves Occupy Two Souls, and the Second one is Immortal.

Ukrainian legend once again speaks, and it is wrong.

2. An Active Volcano Will Stop if it is Given a Young Gorgeous Female.

So let me get this straight. A volcano is erupting because it wants a girlfriend? Fiction. This was once believed by Nicaragua, and later found out their theory was erroneous.

3. Napoleon was Small.

Okay, perhaps this isn’t obscure, but you all need to know this. Napoleon was in fact not small. Napoleon was five feet and seven inches in height, which was taller than the standard Frenchman in that era. In this era though, that’s considered short. However, Napoleon was referred to as “Le petite Corporal”. This was when soldiers disdained Napoleon’s rank, when he was corporal. Alas, the nickname stuck with him.

4. Pirates Wore Eye patches Due to a Lost Eye.

In movies, yes, pirates wear eye patches because they lost an eye. In reality, no. Pirates used to wear eye patches so one eye would get used to the exterior of the ship as the canopied eye would get used to the interior.

5. Cabbage Patch Kids are Nuclear Mutants.

Okay, let’s get into this slowly. Some individuals consider Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to appear like survivors from a nuclear holocaust. Apparently, the U.S government wanted the dolls to be produced to look like nuclear survivors so we can get prepared for the future. I don’t exactly comprehend this myth myself, but I surmise it’s false. Oh, I hope to God it’s false.

6. Ozzy Osbourne Bit off a Bat’s Cranium on Stage.

 Unfortunately, this myth is genuine. The poor bat’s head was in fact inside Ozzy Osbourne’s mouth, live, on stage. This occurred back in the 80’s, and the incident became quite famous. Osbourne bit the bat as he presumed that it was fake, and manufactured out of plastic. This is another myth that I just don’t understand! Why did Ozzy Osbourne bite the bat’s head in the first place?!

7. You Hear a Ringing in Your Right Ear, Someone is Praising You, but if You Hear a Ringing in Your Left Ear, Someone is Cursing You.

Everything that’s related to the left of something is not satanic! This myth is false!

8. A Chinese Man Sued his Wife for Being Ugly and Won.

This myth is actually accurate. In Beijing, a man sued his wife for being ugly and won. In addition, the wife was fined $120,000. The husband took this action due to the “ugly” appearance of their newborn baby. He also sued his wife for a false appearance as the wife went through plastic surgery prior to meeting him. Plastic surgery isn’t well appreciated in China. Talk about vanity!

9. Having Blue Eyes is a Mutation.tonlima-olho-azul-blue-eye-clip-art

Shockingly, yes, this is true. Individuals used to possess brown eyes, but in the interval between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, blue eyes were introduced.

10. Itchy Body Parts.

What does it mean if your body is itchy? Well, besides possibly needing a shower, other theories are…

– If your left hand is itchy, you’re going to claim money, and if your right hand is itchy, you’re going to lose money. (YES!! FINALLY!!! SOMETHING ABOUT LEFT THAT ISN’T VILE!! I’M REJOICING RIGHT NOW!!!)

– If your right foot itches then you’re going to go to a familiar place and if your left foot is itchy, you’re going to voyage to a peculiar place.

– Your left ear is itchy; that signifies someone is speaking well of you (My left ear is always itchy. *Wink* *Wink*. Actually it normally isn’t.)

– Your right ear is itchy; that clarifies malicious gossip about you.

– If your right eye is itching, then good luck is on it’s way, and if your left eye is itching, bad luck arising is imminent. (Spoke to bloody soon! And no, I’m not British!)

– Itchy nose? You’re going to kiss a fool.

None of this is genuine of course. If it was… that would be appalling. We would be losing a lot of money and go on lot’s of strange adventures, etc.


Frustated-cartoon-says-thank-youThank you everyone once again for everything! I hope you all keep enjoying and viewing my blog! Other than that, see you all next time!

Thanks for reading my post!

12) Paranormal Antique Activity

All over the globe, people have purchased “stuff.” By “stuff”, I mean antique furniture.  However, this “stuff,”  is occasionally associated with an Antique-English-Mahogany-Bookcaseunforeseen free bonus. Often when individuals purchase an antique object, a ghost comes with it. Many stories have been reported based on paranormal activity after buying an antique item, but are they accurate?  Let’s commence some investigating.

You buy a vintage antique item, then you’re haunted! The only explanation is that the despondent ghost wishes to stay with it’s antique furniture, so it comes home with you. Although, is this myth genuine? A lot of the people that complain about their experiences usually happen to own something antique. Some victims who are being haunted were fine before they bought the inanimate object. Let’s peek into a few people’s adventures and see what we believe.

Electric Chair (Literally): There was a chair, not any chair; an antique chair. Ultimately, a neighbour was visiting the owner of the antique furniture. The chair inconveniently happened to be in the neighbour’s path and his arm hairs we’re behaving like there was some electrical charge. However, when the neighbour fled from the chair, his hairs swiftly relaxed. Coincidence? (Don’t ask me how that could be a coincidence but it could, okay?!)

Estate-Sapphire-Ring-1The Ring of Depression: A lady named Maria Roberts once owned an antique sapphire ring. However, every time the lady made physical contact with the ring, she immediately felt depressed. She even heard and saw signs of an authentically upset Victorian Lady. So Maria sold the ring and didn’t regret it.

The Anguished Man: The Anguished Man is a painting, although, it’s associated with absurd paranormal activity. The painting was painted with oilanguished-man paints and the artist’s own blood. Shortly after the painting was complete, the artist committed suicide.

Sean Robinson is the current owner of the painting, and he’s complaining about peculiar paranormal occurrences. Here’s a report from the victim.

“I set the camera up once more in the spare bedroom, the painting has been stored away since the last recording. I recorded over three nights for approximately four hours per night, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. I recorded the usual banging noises, but on the second night at approximately 3:25 a.m. I recorded the painting suddenly falling over and immediately afterward a small orb is visible just above the painting.”

“There were no drafts in the room and the painting was stood at an angle against the wall so it should not have been able to tip over by itself. I also experienced the strange mist again at the top of the stairs, it was like I was suddenly surrounded by smoke and I became very cold, but then it just vanished as quickly as it came.”

Here’s some visual evidence.

These stories are apprehensive and perplexing, and possibly true. If so, hopefully one day, we can disperse of these ghosts.

Thanks for reading my post.